Reiki is a Japanese word......Rei meaning God's Wisdom and Ki which means Life Force Energy. So Reiki is spiritually guided Life Force Energy. Reiki is simple, natural, and safe. Reiki compliments and medical treatment by stimulating the body's own natural healing process. It has not side effects, reduces stress, and promotes deep relaxation.


One is fully clothed lying in a comfortable position either on my treatment table or at your home on a comfortable chair. it entails soft touch series of hand position placed on or above the body

During this treatment Maxine user her strong intuition as she guides the energy where needed. Sometimes she incorporates crystal therapy along with her Reiki. Crystals can help release tension and stress. Chakra balancing is also included in each session. Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies. When they are blocked, illness can take hold

Our Mission

I came into this world as a healer. It is my mission. My healing abilities are a gift from God given to me to share with all of you.

One day I received a photo of a gentleman I never met. He also lived 3,000 miles from me. Something told me to scan his photo with my hand. Much to my surprise, I felt something on his shoulder. He confirmed he was having problems. It was this experience that led me to Reiki. My goal is to help as many people as God intended.


Are you emotional? Are fears weighing you down? Are you READY to take your life back? Are you READY to live the life you were meant to live? I was given a gift from God to help you with your emotional issues. I am able to guide you on the next direction for you to take. I can help you help yourself. My process is quick and you will feel the healing process very fast. The only requirement is that you are open for change.

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If you are unfamiliar with Reiki I recommend reading this book, Reiki, A Shape of Things to Come (A Vision). This short story explains how and when Reiki started so long ago.

One morning in early 1926, on a fine day, just after dawn, Usui Sensei woke with a start from what had been a very lucid dream."Most interesting!" he thought to himself, as he sat up.Then, turning his focus outwards, he arose from his bed and began his preparations for the day ahead. . . . . .

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My Services are geared according to your individual needs. Not only does it help with you personally but also rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing is for those who do not live in area. there is no distance too far for reiki. I setup an appointment so that you are aware of the treatment.

Emotional Healing

Maxine's forte is emotional healing. During her life coaching sessions, Maxine can guide you on a path to release your fear and bring joy back into your life.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a technique that uses stones and crystals. Crystals are known to carry energy in many different ways. When I am guided to use a crystal it is placed on your body.

Animal Healing

Reiki extends to animals also. If your animal is stressed, hyper active, sick in any way or even recuperating from an operation then I can administer Reiki for your animals locally or long distance.

  • Distant Reiki Healing
  • Reiki 30 minutes
  • 30 min Emotional Healing
  • Emotional Healing 1 hour
  • Reiki...local
  • 45 minutes

Principles Of Reiki

Here are some basic principles. So, It will make easy to you for understanding about Reiki.

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First / Principle
60% Complete (warning)

Just for today, i ll not anger.

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Second / Principle
60% Complete (warning)

Just for today, i will let go of worry.

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Third /Principle
60% Complete (warning)

Just for today, i will do my work honestly.

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Fourth /Principle
60% Complete (warning)

Just for today, i will give thanks for my many blessings.

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Fifth /Principle
60% Complete (warning)

Just for today, i will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

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Sixth /Principle
60% Complete (warning)

Just for today, i will honor my teachers.


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I went in for my first time to see how it works and was amazed as Maxine cured my hot flashes! She is awesome!!

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Denise F.

Maxine is a good friend of mine. I was having knee problems and my Dr. could not figure out the cause. She only gave me 5 minutes and my knees are great and still no pain after 8 months

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Maxine just moved into town and I met her at her niece’s house. I told her I was diagnosed with severe arthritis and was in pain through my shoulders and down my arm. She gave me 5 minutes to show me how it works and I have had no pain in 2 days! First time ever! Maxine is awesome!

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I found Maxine on Facebook as she lives 7000 miles away from me. She is in the USA and I am in Africa. I was hit by a car and suffered a fractured leg and the use of my foot. I contacted her and she administered long distance Reiki. Not only did my pain disappear, and my foot was much more mobile, my doctor was even amazed at this rapid and incredible change! Yesterday I was seriously ill and my whole body trembled but the most impressive is my foot! My doctor was amazed at my rapid change from the day before! I could even stand on my foot! Maxine is the best! I will certainly refer my friends to her!


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